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A journey to touch your soul.
The Pulse of Life
            23.4.a  4.5.2016
Sweetwater, Lake Navasha and Masai Mara

In the last years  I traveled to Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Uganda.568[1]

The force of Mother Nature in Africa – and especially the experience with large animals – provide an increadabe  re-connection to the pulse of life.

I  invite you to join this incredible experience of connecting with the Pulse of Life .It’s a journey to  essence , to appreciate the beauty of nature and the diversity of  animals, specific meditative practices and opening the senses of perception .

We will be a group with  only  up to 12 people, friends who have been in my therapy work and meditation. We always stay in exquisite beautiful , comfortable and welcoming hotels.

If you are interested, talk to me as soon as possible, please, because reservations need to be made well in advance.

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Attached a Programming (still subject to final adjustments)

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Knowing a little piece of Africa was for me the realization of a dream … to dive into the pulse of life, where every tree, every animal has its sacred space and connected to the forces ofquenia 2013 (2) nature, to learn how to grow and survive, was for me of extraordinary beauty and inner growth !!!Look and feel the immensity of Savannah, under the burning sun of the day, the wisdom of animal conected to the Nature; or the mysterious silence of the night, always broken by the roar of a lion or the cry of hyenas …

it is taking me to another dimension of spirit in a state of profound union with the Infinite Wisdom .I feel an ecstasy of love and happiness with the  Total …And in this vibrant land of light and magic , where life pulsates connected to Infinite Wisdom ,leads me to reflect and see how small we are and having always  the same question: WHO AM I ??? I want to thank and congratulate you, Samvara, for this great opportunity to enjoy moments with you and the group of high level of energy and spirituality … You are a shining light with love and humility – congratulations !!! Dr.Leonardo

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What a surprise, besides the wonderful landscape, those we see in National Geographic, direct contact with the landscape and wildlife and all this  being in great accommodations. This all has been optimized with meditation work, reflection and refinement of learning from our experience, our sensitivity conducted by you with all your wisdom and experience. We were able to experience our child intensely, seeing that landscape, next to lions, the giraffes, elephants, gazelles, birds, buffalo, leopards, rhinos, hippos, millions of birds (pelicans, flamingos). Balloon ride,walk with  elephants ., Walk with lions seemed to be living a dream in paradise. We are ready for the next adventure. Thanks again Samvara Paul and Amelia

Grateful for this dream come true Grateful for such care Grateful for  touching my soul Grateful for being emerged  in the Calm Namaste Rachana