Individual Therapy Intensive

Samvara offers intensive individual therapy  for 2 or 6 dayssamvara 3 at her home  in Alto Paraiso. This means normally a work of 6- 8 hours daily. 

This opportunity is for people who want to:

  •   work individually  the transformation of deep patterns.
  • are in an  essential crisis
  • Anchoring in essence

Different therapeutic techniques are used according to the needs.


At such a crucial and delicate moment of my life, I was taken to such an  important experience. Deepen the knowledge of oneself is always an arduous process, but here, with so much  love and dedication that  I received,I could  trust fully and  delivered great results.Today I am more authentic, more harmonious and confident of my way.
Manu V., lawyer, Salvador

The experience of individual work enabled a deep and immediate delivery. I epecially loved the breathing therapy sessions. The direct contact full time with the therapist allowed a intense transformation and complicity that had not happened in a group. Marcelo Porto, Lawyer, Brasilia

This  work allowed  me to live  a transformation  with more trust  and giving me the  opportunity to rediscover myself completely new. I loved it.
Alba Oliveira, Psychologist, Caruaru, PE

In this individual therapy I felt guided by the hands of existence, and the heart of Samvara ,recognizing  who I  truly am. I felt free and spontaneous. I had deep connection with nature, faced the old patterns, I took concious decisions . I’m a new person, much more authentic and present. I felt completely supported and guided by the skill and precision  and intuition with which Samvara organizes the  therapy .

Carla Vicente, Psychologist, Rio de Janeiro

The first time when  I did group therapy  all  was new to me and I found it all very interesting. In the individual therapy by proximity, by direct contact, You show Yourself  more real, it shows how you really are. I loved the work.
Katia M.,, Recife

Individual therapy is an internal diving … is an encounter with our essence … The days spent with Samvara helped me to make the journey which I committed myself to. A journey to meet my essence,the  integration of my being … I leave with a feeling of deep gratitude for Samvara. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I will leave , but I know I’ll be back.
Telma, psychologist, Avina leader, Salvador

Information and Registration or 062 96694217 or click here


Samvara Bodewig, graduated in Psychology and Comparative Religion in Germany, specialized in Group Dynamics and holistic and transpersonal therapies. Introduced in 1986 in Brazil the Rebirthing, Breath Therapy and founded the Center of Rebirthing and Kyol Che Meditation. With extensive experience in presenting transformational growthwork in  seminars and trainings, meditation-retreats & publishing experiences, she has been working in these fields in Europe, USA, India and South America.

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