Transformation Course


The holistic approach of the transformation training connects eastern and western wisdom and integrates different therapeutic transforma1disciplines.

Decades of experiences and research are crystallized in the process.

Through this it facilitates, not only a one time liberating experience, but gives also a tool that the participants may use for his daily life for himself and even for the work with other people.

The work includes

  • a deep understanding of how we create our reality discovering the matrix of our basic belief-patterns, learning tools for using the mind creative and how to discrete old, not any more desired patterns,
  •  An increase in physical vitality and an emotional stability trough breathe work and other release techniques,
  •  An opening of intuition and inner centering trough relaxation and meditation techniques

All techniques are delivered in a loving and caring atmosphere, in the spirit of effortlessness and personal willingness.

Expected results:

  • the work promotes a new and expanded view about self-realization as well as the realization of objectives.
  • The ability to master the challenges of life and to use them for personal growth.
  •  a significant rise of vitality and creativity.
  • an increase in our ability to love and inner freedom.
  •  a heightening in trust and intuition.
  •  a clear distancing to the victim/aggressor consciousness, dependence.
  •  an effortless unfolding of our potentiality